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    Hey all I need a bit of advice with some upcoming events. I just returned from a 10 day trip to mexico with my girlfriend and was rather diaper deprived. Now that I'm home i realized I only have one abena m4 left

    Onto the advice part : I'm moving back to school on jan 7th and with christmas time here my parents will be home more than usual. Should I buy another pack and try and use them all up before I move or just wait until i get back to school to get some?

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    If you buy a whole pack and try to use them up then you'll get the urge and or need to wear out of your system for awhile. On the other hand if you go without for so long, when you finally do get to wear again it'll be that much more fun.

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    Wait. beter safe than sorry when it comes to parents and besides college + diapers = more fun then sneaking around during break.

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    Hmm I might wait but It would also be nice to have the m4s where im going because I'm not sure i can get them from any retailers in the city i go to school. I'll probably just get them lol

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    Then get a smaller pack sample packs would work for your needs right?

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    True but I dont think the retailer has sample packs of the m4s

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