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Thread: Storage?

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    Default Storage?

    So after reading several threads on here, I've decided to give Dry 24/7 a try. Getting the sample pack's first to see what works best for me, of course. My question is, once I've made my choice and placed my order (probably for the 72pack) how is the best way to store them? I don't just want to toss them in the closet or under the bed, ya know

    Thank's in advance!!

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    What's your living situation? Are you hiding them or are you able to have to have them out?

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    why not? I currently have a case of 24/7s and another case of M4s under the bed with room for more!

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    I'm living with my Mom (long story), so wanting to keep them hidden, and under the bed would work, but i have a puppy (Sadie Mae CUTEST EVER!!) who likes to get under my bed and dig ^^

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    What I do is I have like a diaper bag which can be a gym bag or I have this leather duffel bag I keep mine in. I store it in a non suspicious spot out of view in my closet and can whip it out whenever I need it. But it's really what works for you and how people interact with your belongings.

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    Since they are a thick diaper, I think they're going to take a lot of space. I like those big plastic tubs for storing things. It certainly would keep the puppy out as well as anything else, except a prying mom....sigh.

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    The storage bin might be a good idea, one of those long ones for under the bed, i have one already for summer cloths so no one should notice a 2nd lol Thanks!

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    I'm wearing one right now :-) I live alone so storage isn't really an issue for me, that being said, as I don't want my cleaning lady finding them, I keep them in a giant Rubber Made storage bin that I got at Home Depot and keep on the bottom shelf of my closet with some other items staked on top.

    Good Luck!


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    Yup, I too keep my stash in one of those big plastic totes. I have a second smaller tote with my toys and coloring books. Although folks seldom get to the back bathroom I still want to keep them out of obvious sight.

    The under the bed boxes may work for you however, they are often clear for the easy viewing of the contents. So a tote may be your best bet.

    Stacking stuff on top of your stash will deter people from snooping as it will require some effort to get into rather than just being able to casually look inside. Having a dog in the equasion almost neccessitates a durable storage container, be it a gym bag or a tote.

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    You need to buy a tablecloth and then put it over the case of diapers. If anyone asks just say you bought a new coffee table

    Seriously though a storage box is probably the best best if you've got inquisitive pets roaming around

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