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    I am looking in to purchaing some cloth velcro diapers, possibly from or

    It won't be for another six months or so (I'm waiting till I've graduated and found an apartment). I've never bought any before and just wanted to know if anyone here had any experience with either? Or is there another place I should try?

    Also I intend to use plastic pants and am not sure how to wash them. I've been doing some research and most of the stuff I've read has suggested letting them soak overnight in a basis of warm water and adding some detergent. Does this sound right?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I will only be using the diapers for wetting.
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    I can't comment on the ABU cloth diapers as I've never tried them. Regarding plastic pants: I have a couple pairs of 4mm vinyl pants from Changing Times. The biggest no-no with plastic pants is putting them in the dryer. Otherwise, washing them with your diapers is fine. As they are plastic and don't absorb any liquid, I usually just take them out of the wash, give them a good shaking to get most of the little water droplets out of the inside, and that is that. Or hang them up somewhere to dry.

    EDIT: just looks like an expensive reseller of, selling the exact same products for more $$. The latter site is, AFAIK, a storefront for the actual manufacturer (All Together Enterprises), so it's probably the better way to go. I have some of the prefold diapers from, and they're plenty good. Somebody else may be able to comment on their all-in-one Velcro diapers.

    Here are a few other places that sell adult-sized cloth diaper and have been recommended by one or more members here:
    Changing Times Diaper Co. (prefolds)
    Rearz (prefolds, fitteds, pockets)
    Baby Pants (flats, prefolds, contours)
    Babykins (flats, prefolds, contours, pull-ons)
    Angel Fluff Diaper Co. (prefolds, contours, fitteds)
    NiceDiaper (fitteds, pull-ons, all-in-ones, pockets)
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    I have a couple of the cloth velcro diapers from ABUniverse and they work just fine. It was only AFTER I ordered that another ADISCer kindly pointed out to me that I could have purchased the exact same product off of Nice Diaper for cheaper. ^^ I would give them a try. There are better cloth products available, but for the price and availability, this may be your best bet.

    As for the covers, as Cottontail astutely noted, they require very little care. Just don't throw them in the dryer, unless you are SURE you're only using the air dry setting and no heat. ^_^

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    what do you even put in cloth diapers anyways? Like insert wise or do you even have to put anything in at all?

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