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Thread: wet wipes?

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    Default wet wipes?

    What wet wipes or diaper wipes does everyone use? I like the Pampers. My wife would like me to use only adult products, wondering what others use.

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    I will usually carry a small pack of baby wipes around in my backpack along with extra supplies when out and they are needed, when I am at home I use the adult sized wipes. they are a lot easier to work with and have a larger area so you can usually get away with just 1 large wipe vs a few smaller ones for the same job.

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    I usually use huggies or J&J but currently ran out at the moment.

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    i usually go with huggies supreme wipes, even though they're not nearly as awesome as they used to be. the normal unscented huggies are good too never did find an adult wipe that was adequate. and besides baby wipes are lot easier to come by and dont cost that much and do a fine job.

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    I never really used baby wipes until I noticed my girlfriend (now wife) always had some in the bathroom of her apartment. They were some generic brand, but real baby wipes nonetheless. I figured if it's okay for her to keep them around, it's fine for me too, so I bought some Pampers Baby Fresh wipes for my place. They were soft, worked great, and I liked the fragrance. Then one day my girlfriend was over, saw the package, and said in a disappointed tone, "You're just a big baby." So, sensing her displeasure (and ignoring the hypocrisy), I got rid of them. Now we're married and live together, and she buys the Cottonelle flushable "adult" wipes, I imagine because they're more socially acceptable--even though they cost more and don't work as well! *sigh*

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    I've always used baby wipes. I can't believe people wipe their butts with dry toilet paper.

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    I buy mine from Boots and get whichever are on offer at the time. There's always at least one brand on offer and they all seem to work about the same for me.

    For preference I like Huggies Pure or Pampers

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    Pampers wipes are so awesome. Their scent is about the definition of "baby smell" for me. i don't use them for regular toiet use though...they're a bit pricey.

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