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    Hey everyone--

    I'm a longtime *b/dl who came upon this site a while ago. I enjoy plain old diaper-wearing (whether at work, out in public, or just around the house). My first real diapers were Goodnites, and now I'm on to Abena X-Plus, Attends, and various cloth diapers and cloth trainers. I also enjoy regressing to a young child, which the cloth trainers and some footed PJs are for. I'm fortunate enough that my wife doesn't mind my wearing, and she'll also diaper and baby me ever so slightly on occasion.

    I work in the tech industry, and outside work, I enjoy listening to and playing music and cardio workouts.

    Just looking to talk with others like me, including those with families of their own, and to read some great stories.

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    Welcome to ADISC! ^^

    Sounds like we have a few things in common! I started out with the Goodnites myself, back when it just had the printed 'tag' in the back. Also, I love trainers and footed PJs! ^_^ Finally, I'm also married, though I am waiting for that special day when she is comfortable enough to pad me up!

    I am big into music too! Have any favorite bands? Genres of music? I like a wide variety, but if I had to choose, I'd pick, dream pop, shoegaze, britpop and power pop.

    Glad you signed up! Hope you find the site welcoming and informative! Enjoy!

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    Thanks for the warm welcome! We do have quite a bit in common. I remember the printed tag Goodnites--my first diapers as a teen were the free sample they used to offer by mail I guess I gave the impression that I wear quite a lot, but I typically end up diapered just a couple times a week or less.

    My favorite music is definitely alt country in the vein of Son Volt, Ryan Adams, The Head and the Heart, etc. Also have a soft spot for jam bands and nostalgia toward '90s rock.

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    No way! ^_^ We are too similar!

    I wear about at that rate too! I probably will this weekend, but it will be the first time in a couple weeks.

    And I LOVE Ryan Adams! I am listening to it right now: 'Anybody Wanna Take Me Home'. Saw him live and he was amazing! My favorite album of not just his, but all-time, is 'Love Is Hell'.

    I am also a fan of the early 90s music. You wouldn't happen to be a fan of Toad the Wet Sprocket, too, would you?

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    Very cool. More alt-country I really like is Ryan Bingham. I'm afraid I don't know Toad the Wet Sprocket, with the exception of their big hit.

    I had the day off Monday, so my wife diapered me Sunday night. I wore until late Monday afternoon, including out on errands, so that was nice. Ever hang out in just diapers or baby clothes around your wife?[COLOR="Silver"]

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