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    Hello everybody?HOw're you all?I'm fine

    My name is Gustavo.I'm 19yo,from Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.I would like to say that my first language is Portuguese/Brazil (it's a bit different from Portuguese/Portugal or another countries),so first of all,sorry for any wrong words/sentences/articles/pronouns...I'll try to give my best at english here =)

    I started to like diapers since i was a kid.I didn't knew why,but everytime i saw a diaper,i imagined myself wearing it,don't matter if it was personally,with a baby cousin,or watching TV.

    At 13,i got my first experience with a diaper,besides babyhood.I was playing at my cousin's house,and we found a diaper package of his sister,that she used it to play with her dolls.We both got 1 diaper of the package and set it inside the underwear.Those were small diapers,but we keep with them all the afternoon playing.At the evening,he took out his diaper,but i keep with mine,to sleep.didn't wet it,afraid it could(and probably would)leak.

    I found myself an infantilist at 15,at internet.Then i though i was more a DL then a TB,but in those 4 years,i got myself to be an TBDL.

    I'm a babyfur too.I have my own fursona.His name is Gus(or Gussy),and he is a blue skunk,with 3 white spots at his head.Here's the link : Gus the Skunky Reference Pic by gus-the-hedgehog -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    I have one FA account. It's gus-the-hedgehog ( my OC was a hedgehog,but after some time he got turned into a skunk)

    I love to make new friends,and to write. I already wrote some stories,but they keep all on hold. But after i read an amazing story,that a friend sent me ( Lab Project 52, that's how i discovered this site too) i decided to do my best to write more and more.

    I'm open to awnser any questions about me that you has.And that's it. Nice to meet you^^

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    Hi there welcome
    I can speak portuguese too, do i if u wanna chat sometime Im here.

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    Thanks,would be really nice to talk portuguese with a friend here =)

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    Entendido/Understood ^^

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