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    Hey, im sure most people know what it is. If not then its just a list of things u want to do before you die. So I'm just courious what yours is. I guess I'll start mine is
    1. Write a book and get it published
    2. Make a video game
    3. Go in an airplane
    4. Compose awesome music
    5. Get married and have kids
    6. Make a tv show or anime
    7. And when I get the guts then go skydiving

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    Write a book definitely
    Motorcycle from one the east to west coast
    Visit North Korea
    I have more but I'm in a hurry

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    1. Move back to my former hometown
    2. Visit Liechtenstein
    3. Cub with my bro
    That's it for now. I've never been much the future thinker...

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    Visit some extended family again.
    Med school.
    sail around the world.
    learn as many languages as my pappa did (21)
    Write an auto biography
    spend a summer in Russia with my favorite brother an sister.
    have a family
    Build a large home in the country

    It will change I'm sure, I'm only sixteen

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    Mine are (not necessarily in this order)...

    Graduate High School
    Learn to fly
    Go to a good University
    Visit Cuba
    Graduate College
    Get a good job
    Marry and raise a family.
    Retire and tour the world.
    Beat my best friend in chess.
    Drive a Formula One Racecar 1 lap at Indy.
    Eat 100 raw oysters at 1 sitting.

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    I want to complete my TAFE scholarship and move to the U.K or Canada, and then buy my own house and just generally live an enjoyable life. I really want to be able to go to Anthrocon at least once before I die and i'd also like to do something to be remembered by after i'm gone, such as write a book or something along those lines.

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    bunjee jumping
    learn to fly
    scuba dive
    get lost in the forest
    conduct a professional orchestra
    write a full symphonic piece and conduct it

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    I want to do some extreme adreniline sports (sky diving etc.)
    Get the book im working on published
    Rob a bank then give the money back
    Help the world understand Ab/Dl's so we can live like we want to and not hide it

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