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Thread: A new name

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    Default A new name

    hai furries! (and not furries) im just wondering, im bad with names, so what can i change my username to, to go with my fursona? thanks, or what should i name him?

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    Hugglez to you!!!

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    Well,about names,it's a hard choce.You can use even a bit of your name,till a total different name,in another language.A good idea is to check a site with some baby names,and find the best that fits to your fursona

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    My fursona is called Sammy, it's just a different (cuter) form of my name. I though it was applicable, seeing as my fursona is essentially me, 'cept more innocent and with no problems to worry about!

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    it would be cute if you could shorten your real name and put the word Kit in with it....

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    My name is Gustavo...My fursona is just Gus,and ended like Gussy to be cuter..

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    it can be whatever you want. my sona's name is Zak, just because i like that name, and also because it's distinguishable from many others.

    it's up to you ^^

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    I haven't actually given my fursona a name, I just consider him a part of me, not a separate character, so I use the same name as in real life (Josh)

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    If I had a fursona I would use my middle name, but that's just me.

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    thanks for the suggestions, i chose Krasniye, because it is Russian for Red ^_^, but u can call be Kras! Thanks for the suggestions!!!

    Hugglez and Cuddlez to you all! ^_^

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