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Thread: NEVER, EVER stuff extra material inside the actual diaper.

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    Default NEVER, EVER stuff extra material inside the actual diaper.

    So I got some Tena Super Briefs and was very disappointed at the quality, specifically the capacity. I got some Rite Aid pull-ups and I thought it would a good idea to stuff the brief by extracting the material from the pull-up. I did this twice using two pull-ups.

    Well, the thing is that I had actually cut the covering inside the brief to expose the material, and I simply stuffed the padding from the pull-ups inside. I tried to seal it shut, but I came to realize that the amount of swelling this improved diaper would experience burst through the cuts I made for stuffing, and so all the absorbent material was all over the place inside the diaper. Luckily I could contain it before I took it off, but when I did, the cleanup was god-awful.

    So if you ever think that this is ever a good really isn't. I only tried this because it seemed that using those pull-ups as stuffers would not work; they swell quite a bit, and I don't think the liquid could make it past the gel after a while.
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    Yes do not over stuff i have done this in the past having sap everywhere. Best to just get better quality than tena.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plenka View Post
    My Christmas tree got sap everywhere. Perhaps I overstuffed it.
    Oh my God!!!!! teeheehee......

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    Tried that once, yeah, not a good way to stuff >.<

    Try opening the back of the diaper by separating the plastic cover from the inner liner. With some brands this is pretty easy (like slowly opening a bag of chips), but with others it takes care not to rip the inner liner. With this method, if SAP falls out of the stuffer, it doesn't matter because it's still contained by the inner liner and outer plastic of the diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragsnick View Post
    Maybe you just over stuffed it?
    I'm highly convinced that is what happened. Based on how bad it got, however, even doing this with one pull-up would yield the same results! It was well over 3 or 4 inches thick when I was done with it.

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    I've put inserts inside the actual diaper before on quite a few occasions and never had this problem. More than likely the diaper was simply overstuffed.

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    "little full, lotta sap." - Clark W. Griswold

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