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    1) Hello! Who are you?

    I usually go by the nickname of Ladybug or LB. I work part time and go to school full time. (I'm studying mostly for a degree in business, or more specifically... accounting. that OCD part of my brain LOVES numbers.)

    2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression)

    My interest in diapers is mostly as an LG. It's been an interest of mine since... well, probably since I got out of diapers. hehe.

    3) Diapers do not rule our lives! What are your other interests? (besides diapers/regression)

    hmm... other interests... I love reading (mostly paranormal romance), I like music and really wish that I had taken piano lessons when I was younger (and when I actually owned a piano. lol). I'm also into ice skating and I took lessons until I was nearly 18.

    I like playing video games (mostly RPG, which does include MMORPG. ).

    I'm also totally in love with my puppy. He's almost 8 months old right now, but when he's full grown I plan to make him into an AMAZING agility dog.

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?

    Mostly I just came to meet new people. Although I enjoy reading the stories and was contemplating posting one that I recently started (mostly because I'm hoping that if it's actually posted somewhere I'll feel more motivated to continue writing it past the first few pages. lol)

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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