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Thread: If you won the lottery !

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    Default If you won the lottery !

    Guys if you won the lottery right now, What would be the first 3 things you would buy...

    Ticket to America, Big massive Mansion house, And a 80 inch tv

    let me hear your thoughts :P

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    1) My own house (Well, my parents' own house, they're renting one right now)

    2) Driver's Ed at school

    3) A Nintendo 3DS (Complete with Pokemon Rumble Blast, Mario Kart 7, and the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D)

    4) A PS3 (Complete with Call of Duty: MW2 and MW3, the God of War collection, and the Sly Cooper collection)

    5) A vacation in Florida/Hawaii

    6) Donate some to charities

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    A custom built PC (I really want to design my own case, so it's unique, and mine), an iPhone (I need one, actually), and a German Shepherd.

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    Well, my conscience would probably make me donate a ton of it to charity, maybe for purifying water or something like that. Then I'd put a lot into my savings account and college funds and yada yada...but with the leftover money...

    A TV with cable for my room, a new high-tech gaming laptop, and either several PC games or the sissy clothes I always wanted >_>

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    1) College Fund
    2) New computer with World of Warcraft (It got too expensive)
    3) Shopping spree for sissy cloths!

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    These are great , i think i took the selfish option :P

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    Move to the UK... College Education is free :P

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    1) More vinyl House records
    2) A Ford Sierra Cosworth 3dr
    3) I-phone
    4) Posh House in Manchester
    5) Diapers

    And last but not least the rest goes in the bank and not to a charity bunch of bastard guilt trippers apart from that nice Alisha girl I spoke to from friends of the earth

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    ill be the one to say diapers and other ab stuff, but also a big house and some new nice clothes and a phone, the rest goes towards saving :P. and i'lld have to see some friends in America.

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    1) A house. 2) A new vehicle for my wife. 3) A sailboat. Most of the rest of the money goes in the bank where the interest generated can pay some of our bills. Kids get the principal when I keel over.
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    1: Single 1 bed room apartment in down town Lexington, KY
    2: Fully stocked liquor cabinet
    3: A month long vacation in Italy

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