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Thread: Plastic Pants Template?

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    Default Plastic Pants Template?

    As the title suggests.

    Unable to order online as I missed my opportunity, I have decided another route to getting quality diapers as apposed to walgreens and store brand diapers. I'm currently in the process of sewing some pretty nice custom cloth diapers that I made with my own template based off of adisc's article.

    I have an extra shower curtain that I can make some plastic pants out of, but I don't know how to cut them and fasten them. I'm thinking of making my template for my diaper slightly larger and then adding some sort of fasteners. The problem I see with fasteners is that I have no idea what kind of fasteners to use. My other idea is to make a new template for plastic pants based off my diaper template and then add elastic and make them some kind of plastic underwear.

    I want to get them right on my first try, what do you guys think?

    P.S. What kind of fasteners can I use for my cloth diaper? I've head cloth diapers will outlast velcro and I don't know how to use diaper pins.

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    You can use a heat gun to join pieces of plastic.. but it takes practice. Basically use a chunk of wood or some other heat barrier to section off the areas around the seam, give it a blast of moving heat, (the exact temperature and duration depend on the plastic, thickness, and phase of the moon), then carefully remove the barrier pieces and let cool for a few minutes.

    Ultimately it's a lot of work though.. and the result probably won't be much better than cutting a few holes in a trash bag...

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