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Thread: Big problem...apparently they didn't ship a order back, they mailed it to my house

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    Default Big problem...apparently they didn't ship a order back, they mailed it to my house

    I ordered a sample, but it got mixed up and the post office said they mailed it back to the sender. Well, it was in my living room today and my brother had opened it for some reason. Not all the way, but enough to see what was in it.

    I'm freaking out right now. The post office flat out lied to me about sending it back. So yea, I'm guessing he's going to tell my mom so panicking right now =/.

    Doesn't he know it's illegal to open other people's mail?

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    Crap, do you think it will go badly if he does ? Maybe a bribe is in order...

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    I have no idea. I don't even know if he actually knows whats in it though. I just saw a corner of it opened from being ripped. I'm just not going to say nothing and see what happens when my mom gets home from a work trip tonight. Plus, I'm not close by any means with my brother so I'm just gonna have to hope for the best.

    I can't believe the post office would lie and say it was returned though, that's what really gets me.

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    Yeah , the post office does some goofy stuff sometimes, once we went on vacation for a week and our mailman decided we had moved, so he just held all our mail, it took us a couple weeks to figure out why we stopped getting any mail

    Any way, I think you're right, just don't say anything. If you don't know for sure that he knows it may not be time to panic just yet, hell it might've been ripped when it arrived. Maybe go hide yer stash good just in case.

    Sure hope it turns out okay for you!

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    Why would your brother run and say "Mom Jimmy had diapers shipped to the house!" also out of curiosity how old is your brother?

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    Ah at 18 I believe a turn about lecture on privacy would be in order. I don't know as I have no siblings, but I just do not believe I would tolerate that type of behavior.

    Also, is it possible that it was damaged or torn in shipping and your brother paid it no attention?

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    Thats what I'm thinking because he just asked who the package was and knowing him he'd be like whats those white things in there.

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    I have several family members who work for the post office, and i would pretty much bet it was damaged in shipping, I would worry to awful much. Also if you're worried about stuff like that being delivered, you could look into a P.O Box maybe

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    I do have a PO Box, but when I set it up like 3 days earlier they never actually opened it until 3 days later for some reason. That is what happened to my bags of bambinos I got sent to my po box. The box wasn't opened yet depsite me opening it 3 days later and they almost sent the box back but I caught it just in time to =/.

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