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Thread: So anyone watch MLP:FiM??

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    Default So anyone watch MLP:FiM??

    I haven't been on in sometime but, I figured I may as well start with a friendly topic.

    As the title asked, who's all's seen the new MLP series?What are your thoughts on it?Favorite character if applicable? Least liked if applicable?

    The reason i ask is cause recently a friend got me into watching it and now i seem to love it. Rainbow Dash quickly became my favorite, cause of her brash nature, her headstrong attitude and her bravery.I dislike Twilight Sparkle for reasons I don't even know Owo.

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    Rainbow Dash is amaizeing but Pinkie Pie is the BESTIST EVA! She is wacky and fun and the way she can eat anything is really cool.
    I now leave you with this.

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    I actually started watching it about a week ago. I saw a guy at a school dance wearing a shirt that said 'Brony' and I, knowing already what the term meant, thought 'why the crap is that show so appealing?' After watching the first episode on YouTube I fell in love with it.

    I don't know why, but the second I saw her Applejack became my favorite. My least favorite would have Rarity, again, I don't know why. I love them all, though. ^^

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    I actually went and did a detailed list of the order I like people in the show and why, Pinkie and Twilight are last OWo

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    Rainbow dash and twilight sparkle are the best ponies.

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    I am a Brony my favorite character is a tie between dj pony and fluttershy

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