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Thread: Just ordered some Dry 24/7 samples

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    Default Just ordered some Dry 24/7 samples

    Are they about the same thickness as Bambinos or thinner or thicker? Don't know why I ordered em, I still got the 2 bags I got yesterday from Bambinos lol.

    Guess I'm trying to make use of this po box I have now.

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    OMG. DRY 24/7's ARE AMAZING. There the same thickness as bambino when dry. When u wet them they swell up amazingly. They swell more than bambino and dont leak like bamino when u sit down. U will have so much fun.

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    I've had at least 20 different brands and Dry 24/7 is my favorite to date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CracklinPants View Post
    Dry 24/7s are real diapers.
    So much better than those new-fangled virtual diapers!

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    Being a frequent wearer of both, I would say that a dry medium Dry 24/7 is thicker than a dry medium Bambino Teddy/Classico/Bianco. The medium Dry 24/7s are about 1.5-2 times as thick.

    Both Bambino and Dry 24/7 swell considerably when wet, but again, the Dry 24/7s will be thicker.

    I'm not sure about the small Dry 24/7s, since it's been a while since I've tried them. Size-wise, the small Dry 24/7s are closer to a medium Bambino. In comparison, the medium Dry 24/7s are big 'n bulky, which makes them feel even thicker (to me) due to the fact that they are oversized and therefore have wider-cut padding between the legs.

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