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Thread: coffee overdose - aaack!

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    Default coffee overdose - aaack!

    Not sure where to put this, so I put it here!

    I've had a slight mishap whilst drinking coffee today. I had four cups of it over the course of an hour in order to be able to work hard to get some work finished for tomorrow.

    I've had about 300mg of caffeine according to a "how much caffeine is in coffee" article so that could quite frankly be any amount!

    I am shaking, not hungry, can't sit still, having hot and cold flushes, feel nauseaus, have vertigo, having racing thoughts, tinnitnus and generally feel pretty sick

    I've also run out of valium, it'll be Monday before I see the doctor again so I can't take my antianxiety pills to calm me down either - doh!

    How long will it take for me to feel normal again? Last cup of coffee was about 3 p.m.; it's now 19:43. I've had about 1 litre of water so I'm hopefully not going to be too dehydrated so will that help?

    Should I also eat bread to try and soak it up or will that not help as will it already be in my bloodstream.

    And yes I have learnt my lesson And I am never ever doing this again! Ever. No matter how good an idea it seems! I'll just ask for an extension next time around - it'd be safer! I am never going to do this again, ever!

    Please, nobody try this. Just don't. It's horrible. Stick to one or two cups at the most. I repeat - do not make my mistake. It may sound fun to be bouncing off the walls, but trust me it is horrendous.

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    And for the record, my coursework is a pile of mad gibberish as well so it really hasn't helped me out the way I thought it would!

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    You will be fine. Lots of water and get a bite to eat. Something hangover-fixing like pizza or McDonalds could help. I'd go for a walk to get things moving a bit. Anyway, you just did once how I live regularly. You will survive.

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    I think I will go out for a walk for a bit - the cold air might cool me off a bit and I'll burn off energy! I'll have a sandwich and some crisps when I come back and see if that helps me out!

    I've learnt my lesson - everything in moderation lol

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    I've found that by writing a journal/essay/whatever you want to call it that I can focus my attention on one thing and this seems to reduce my anxiety and racing thoughts. It seems to slow my overstimulated brain down to something a bit more reasonable.

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    I'm saying that you can caffeine perhaps shouldn't mix if you have such a pronounced reaction.

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    I'm usually fine with one cup of coffee, but 4 is excessive for me. I don't think my body likes more than one cup or it makes me wired. Mind you, it never used to happen. I used to be able to drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee and be fine. Wonder if it's anything to do with stress and anxiety that makes it more potent?

    Anyway I went out for a nice walk and seem more relaxed now so that seems to have worked!

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