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Thread: Question to fellow uni students

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    Default Question to fellow uni students

    In an earlier thread I talked about it driving me nuts but my feelings are at least
    A little calmed. My question to my fellow uni students is this, how long have you gone without wearing? So far I've managed 4 months

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    ive went through about 6 months without wearing i think that's the most really

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    During freshman year of college I completely disconnected from my fetish. So much that i didn't even realize it was gone.. very strange. But then again, I have done that a few times in my life. When I got home for breaks It all came flooding back and hit me at once though. But there was certainly a good 6 months I went without wearing. My second year I got an apartment with a friend with my own room, which the privacy served as a kind of catalyst and total rebirth. Looking back now, i don't know what I was thinking fooling around with diapers in a small room in a shoebox apartment, but crazier things have happened.

    Look in the bright side: In a way it's thrilling, because when you finally DO get to wear.. it will be as amazing as the first time you did.

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    I havent wore since Thanksgiving, I went home for thanksgiving, but before that it was 3 months, I plan on wearing for the big winter break coming up

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    10 months I think, haven't worn this year and only once in halls. Disposing of them was way to risky as I was one if the furthest from the skip outside.

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    The longest I've went is 6 months during Freshman year. I remember when I got brave, bought a pack, and just wore. No using...except once. That was almost disastrous.

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    Yaa I completely shut down my fetish for 12 months during my first year of university, the the moment my mom pulled outta the driveway of my apartment i walked to the grocery store bought two packs (they were on sale) and went on a 2 day spree... Isn't the healthiest way to deal with my fetish but it was the only one available..
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    I have been very lucky because where I chose to go to university I have a friend who I can visit and wear at his place. so even while living in the dorms I did not have to go to long with out wearing. but Im sure I have gone 2-3 months without before, I think. Hard times.

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    The most I've gone without wearing is 4 months.

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    I've probably gone up to six months without, when circumstances have made it quite impractical to wear. The danger of this is, because one effectively induces the "purge" stage of the binge-purge cycle, there's a huge temptation to totally over-indulge and buy loads of diapers or baby stuff the moment the opportunity arises again. I think it's necessary to pace oneself! It's also possibly a good idea to buy items easier to hide, and less logistically tricky to use (i.e. nothing that will require frequent smuggling out of bad smells!)

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