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Thread: Ah! Firefox is screwing me over!

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    Default Ah! Firefox is screwing me over!

    The new Firefox is remembering what I put into the address bar....aaah! What the eff! That was one of the things I liked about the old Firefox, it was great for cruising diaper sites.

    Anyone else having this problem?

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    The new one does that for everyone...There might be a way to stop it...

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    If you go into the Privacy tab in the Options menu, you can set Firefox to automatically clear your history whenever you close the browser. That ought to fix your problem.

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    "Whenever I close the browser"...apparently that's the key. It's still a little annoying though.

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    There's something you can do in about:config.

    I think.

    You can always go in the options and tick the "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox" box.

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    I had a look and there is no way to turn if off that I can tell. And unless you -really- know what you're doing, NEVER touch the configuration part! This is the Firefox equivalent to the Windows Registry.

    Besides, if you have your browser set to clear all data after shutdown, there is absolutely no reason to get upset. Even those with the best eyes can't read URL text from the door, unless your monitor resolution is something like 800x600.

    Plus, I find this feature extremely convenient. You can type anything relevant to the URL (not just part of the actual URL). I think it's great.

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    Mine doesn't remember where I've visited (same as FF2) ... BUT it lists ALL my bookmarks when you type something into the address bar...

    Normally no one will dig through the folders in my bookmarks so I leave all sorts of stuff in them... but NOW if one my friends jumps on my computer quick and starts typing something in? ****.

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    shouldnt this be moved to computers and games???? is in computer and games

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