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Thread: Pampers get rid of feel n learn?

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    Default Pampers get rid of feel n learn?

    I was on their website, and I couldn't find any feel n learn pull-ups, just easy up's, what gives? Did they not sell enough?

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    If they don't, Rite Aid still sell their own version of feel and learn...I wouldn't be surprised if CVS had them too

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    i saw them for sale in biglots by my house, look there and stock up as i think that they as discontinued.

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    Maybe they were updating their site and those just happened not to show up. Or maybe they're coming out with new ones that have more absorbabcy or a better fit, and need to clear the old ones out of the warehouse. Its not the end of the world!

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    thats wierd, I saw then advertised on TV today

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    They got rid of them because they just changed the Easy-Ups to be more Like Pull-Ups. It used to be that Easy-Ups were designed more like a diaper, and meant for standing changes, but now they are the new training pants, so they don't need the feel and learns anymore. Big Lots, 5 Bucks!

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    I buy my diapers and pull-ups from Walgreens and there website has them still selling. I don't think they discontinued them. Maybe they are redoing the pampers website

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    I think they are getting rid of em. Sad.. never even got to try them... Have you tried them? (you seemed concerned that your diaper supply would run out or something.

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    I think they still sell them at Safeway.
    The last time I checked, they were.

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