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    Almost a decade ago I can remembering laying in bed and wanting to be in diapers. I thought that that would never happen. Especially in the house I was in. Then I was off to college, moving out of state. I lived on campus for three years and was an RA for one of those years. Still I didn't have the time, money or privacy for diapers. My senior year I got married and we got our own place off campus. Not exactly the perfect place to bring up what has only been an unlived fantasy of mine. I thought this would just pass. Things didn't end up workin out, I became single, got a roommate and started experimenting more with diapers...and loving it! My roommate was also rather accpeting and we became really close friends. Now I have a semester left before I attain my Masters degree, I'm in diapers probably more than I care to admit , I have a loving boyfriend and am writing this with my Nuk5 and giant monkey with me. It's not always all bad y'know...

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    I'm glad things are working out for you. It sounds like you drifted to enjoying guys as opposed to girls. I was just the opposite. I had a boyfriend in college, but got married to my wife a few years later. Everyone has their own comfort area and what they want for their lives. Mostly, you should be happy. I'm glad you are. As for diapers, they have always been a part of me. I'm glad my wife is accepting.

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    Naw I didn't drift. I'm gay...forever. We got 'gay married.' Sorry if my post was a lil misleading.

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