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Thread: I hate waiting :(/ they finally came :)

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    Smile I hate waiting :(/ they finally came :)

    so my new pacifiers finally came yea! but they took forever to get here.
    I ordered 3 new pacis from pacifiersrus with a couple of leashes and they shipped nov 14 and they finally got here today dec 14. shipping to Canada is so slow

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    Shipping to the Great White North is always slow. It can take 21 days for a package to get here. The post is slow. But it is better than using UPS or others that can cost alot more money by the time you pay all the extras and so on.

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    We're going to see a big slow down with the postal service her in the U. S. when they shut down half of their postal centers. I want to explore on line banking and bill paying so I can use the postal service as little as possible.

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