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    I've been wanting to wear diapers in public for the longest time but never could get the courage to do so. Well this morning I was feeling bold and went out to Walgreen's, Rite Aid and a grocery store diapered. It wasn't bad at all, no one knew I was wearing and pretty much enjoyed myself.

    Came back home with some drinks, contact solution, new Elmo bottle, girls Goodnites, and some Johnson's baby powder. Being on the baby isle looking at baby powder, bottles and diapers was a bit embarrassing but honestly people didn't care and probably thought I was a young father buying stuff for his kid(s) :P.

    I will be doing this more often now that I know no one can actually tell and couldn't honestly care about what you're getting. I'm not going to lie though, my heart was pounding when I got to the cash register.

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    Or a brother shopping for parents. As a driver, I usually have to go shopping for family related things.
    Good to hear it went well.

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    I never buy diapers from stores... too scared >.< prob to young to try anyway. I just use a prepaid visa card my parents got me for christmas. ^^

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    Buying from the store can be awkward as I found out today but just go up to the counter, sit your stuff down, and pay for it. Twas a neat experience today.

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    I want to wear in public one day. It seems like it's fun.

    I've always been too scared to do so >.<

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    I wear when I take long drives (trips).
    I have worn when flying - Depends pull ups.
    And wear when I go to a movie.
    Its very hard for me to go more than an hour with out having to pee.

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    recently I have been getting very comfortable wearing around people. it started when the snow fell then I can wear sweatshirts again and that helps me feel safer about wearing to class or wherever really. finals week has been very stressful and I have been wearing exponentially more until now that I have been wearing for a full day. I was well padded during a few of my exams and studying with friends in a silent room. It was comfortable and relaxing to know I have my own safety blanket to help keep the calm.

    Once you can grasp the fact that no one is really looking for your diapered butt, you can be so much more adventurous. It took me 4 years now to relax enough to allow my self to go diapered in a higher risk situation like that, or around roommates. go to movies diapered, that is a great way to spend time in public but easy to let yourself escape. that is until you have to pee then you can gloat at everyone while you don't have to miss any of the movie.

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