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Thread: First of all Hi to You all friends.

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    Default First of all Hi to You all friends.

    Hi Guys im new to the site, nice to see you all
    Im Corey from UK, 19 yo Studying Management on university.
    Like diapers and all which is associated with TB. Pacis, bottles and the likes.
    Looking for Diapered friends from all around the world.
    I started liking diapers when i was very little i remember about 7 or 8 and this feeling was growing gradually until now.
    Ps. Oh i forgot I'm still a bedwetter

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    welcome have fin here

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    Hi Corey!

    Welcome to ADISC!
    I hope you have fun learning all about the site, and sharing info with other people here.
    I used to wet the bed also, I ended up outgrowing it just before high school.
    Do you wet everynight still?

    Also, just curious, what diapers do you like?
    And being we are in a bad economy, do you think those diapers offer good value for the money?

    - Will

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