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Thread: Need after college advice.

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    Default Need after college advice.

    I am graduating from college a year from now(I have two semesters of college left.) and I feel like I know what I want to do but my parents keep making me doubt myself.
    So I decided to make this thread I'm asking for everyone to share their experiences dealing with leaving college and entering the work force or just living your life after school.

    I am graduating with a bachelors of science in public relations and I am planning on moving from West Virginia to around Fresno, Ca. I have done some research and it's a great area, and the job market in my field is pretty good. I do have a dog I want to bring with me. Other than that I am leaving college debt free with a car and I am hoping to have over 10 grand saved up by the time I graduate. So I think I have a pretty good plan but what do you all think or what did you do?

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    My biggest piece of advice: listen to your parents, but do so with caution. Their advice will always be drawn from their experience. Sometimes this will be a good thing- like keeping that car as long as possible to avoid having to start making car payments. Other times it'll be bad- when their experience leads them to make untrue assumptions about your career. My parents advised me to graduate a year earlier from my undergraduate than I planned. I intended to take another year's worth of courses to increase my GPA in anticipation of applying to med school, as well as rounding up more prerequisites. My parents advised me not to in order to save money now and to do that stuff later. BIG mistake. Now, my GPA (which CAN'T be changed any more!) is much poorer than it would have been if I'd taken more courses. And it's a bitch to take those additional courses without being a matriculated undergraduate, which I can no longer be.

    Take their advice honestly, but always ask yourself if there are realities of your career path that they don't understand which are in contention with their advice for you.

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    Have you ever been to Fresno? If not, I'd visit before committing.

    I am not a fan...

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    Secondly, if you can get a job, do it

    if not, go to grad school.

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    PR is not the easiest job to find in this job market. CA is not the place with the most opportunity now. I would find the job first then move.

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