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Thread: Any one a Primus fan here?

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    Default Any one a Primus fan here?

    I love Primus its like my favorite band. Les Claypool is amazing, best bass guitar player in the world. I was amazed he did music for so many cartoons and TV shows. Seinfield, South park, Robot Chicken, etc..... Whats your favorite song from Primus?

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    I like him but his songs arent that awesome in my opinion, I really like that song " Whamolla " by him its pretty sweet, that song inspired me to build a "whamola" actualy. And it turned out pretty well and sounds pretty funky.

    Check victor woote out if you like his bass style.YouTube - Victor Wooten Guitar Battle
    He is the one playing bass, its simpily amazing.

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    Yea mate Primus is pretty cool. I really enjoy the guitar work. All of their songs are weird and different something you don't find to often in new bands.

    I like the song " shake hands with beef"
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    I own all their albums except for the Brown Album and Miscellaneous Debris, I've seen them live, and I know a whole bunch of their songs.

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    i like them, but i can't listen to them too long. there music is too weird. otherwise there great and the bass is increadable. love it.

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