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Thread: Unintended diaper reminders

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    Default Unintended diaper reminders

    What are the smells/sounds/words/tastes that instantly remind you of diapers or a diaper moment?

    Example when I smell vanilla lotion I get turned on because it reminds me of the night I gave my wife a memorable sexual massage. Does that make sense? Going through the panty section at a department store always gets me going becuase of my panty fetish.

    One thing that gets me going is when I know I'm right and my wife says I'm wrong I ALWAYS want to tell her that if I'm right I get to wear a diaper to bed. A roll of plastic trash bags gets me thinking about diapers too. That's all I had when I was younger.

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    This is going to sound really odd, but the other day when my mom was cooking something with chili powder, I caught a whiff of it and immediately thought of the smell of Bambinos. I'm not sure why, but the two smell somewhat similar to me, and whenever I smell chili powder, I think of a big, fluffy bambino diaper.

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    How about when someone says, "That depends on . . . whatever"

    --Not that Depends is my favorite diaper (actually its dry 24/7), but it just kind of makes a "bingo" go off in my head.

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    Walking past the diaper isle in any store that sells baby diapers. It's generally unintended, in that I only make a point to visit the diaper isle every dozen or so trips to the store, however it's impossible for me not to think about diapers when the smells of Pampers and Luvs hit me. Inevitably, I am then compelled to walk down the isle and see if any new varieties of my favorite diapers have appeared.

    I suppose the other unintended reminder would be finding old cloth diapers in drawers when I'm looking for other things. As I have young children, there are still diapers and diaper-related items around from before they were potty-trained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyBr_Cowboy View Post
    How about when someone says, "That depends on . . . whatever"
    haha Totally,

    I recently go a mattress cover thing that make the bed a bit thicker and softer. The way it feels reminds me of diapers.

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    I'm writing a website. Here is some of the CSS:

    h4 {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #FF0000;
    padding: 2px;
    The second to last line usually gets me

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    Diaper pails do it for me or the site of used babypants in a bath tub. Our neighbors have 2 still in cloth diapers.

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    Seeing the word "attends" written on a website does it to me for some strange reason - only ever had them once though.

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    The Teletubbies also make me think of diapers purely because it looks like they're wearing them. Take a look for yourself and see

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Besides the most obvious sights and smells, I'd have to say... the scent of sunscreen lotion, particularly the Coppertone Water Babies variety. I think I remember being openly in diapers at the beach, and that is what makes the connection in my mind.

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