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Thread: Learning Disabilities

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    Question Learning Disabilities

    I was wondering how many people on this site have Learning Disabilities? Examples: ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia...

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    I don't have a neurological disability but I have a major orthopedic disability. I have Legg Calve Perthes which limits what I can do. I can't run, jump, walk for long distances, or bicycle for very long at all. I was in a wheelchair until I was seven. So now I know the computer very well but I don't know how to play sports. I don't even know how football is played (or any sport for that matter)! So eric that would be a PE disability I guess.

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    I have a learning disability. It's called "Awesome-Ass-Kung-Fu-Ass-Kick-Bullshitulon-Marco-Polo-Axe-Face-Penis-Dance."

    Actually, what that means is that I'm so awesome, I'm disabled to learning, and I have to actually create everything that I would learn. Therefore, I'm a diety, and this also causes me to be heavily disillusioned, because my only reality and the education I receive inside of it is entirely subjective.

    Other than that, I'm peachy-keen! I'm lucky in that I don't have any kind of diagosed learning abilities, but thank goodness that in this day and age, educational and medical programs have been structured to assist children and adults with these afflictions so they can get just as much out of development.

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    Well, i do not have a learning disability as i do not class it as one, although i do have ADHD the way i see it is that i have something only 5% of the rest of the population have, i use it to advantage, Eg i can make things very well from my mind

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    Hey I have Dyslexia , Exucutive functioning disorder , ADD and ADHD. This is my story, it was the middle of first grade and I was struggleing I didnt know how to read or write and my teacher was worried. Being the careing person she is she called my mum and talked, she said that her son had Dyslexia and that the situation I was in was very similar to her sons, so she recomended a doctor to run some tests on me and figure out what was wrong. It turned out that I had ADD , ADHD , Executive functioning and dyslexia. My mom wanted me to get an education so she moved me to another school with a great teacher who helped me learn alot but she left and the next year I actualy was wrongly put into special ed in 3rd to 4th grade, because the public school system didnt know my learning disability very well. It was awfull I have mild dyslexia and executive functioning disorder which is a pretty mild learning disability and the first time I read was 3rd grade, but for some reason I was in class with people with down syndrome , severe autism , mental disabilities and other things. Many tears were shed and many times I cried myself to sleep thinking I was "Stupid" and it ate at me in the worst ways possible. I had no friends for about 3 years at my school and I felt alone and like no one wanted to be around me, like a leper or a diseased dog, in the student bodies eyes I was equal to $h!t and thats what I felt like. I am by no means stupid and no one else in the world is stupid EVER they are just smart at other different things, I knew a kid with down syndrome and he drew like nobodys buisness, it was amazing. I got picked on for being in special education and the FREAKING! kids picked on and teased a handicapped kid with down syndrome! luckilly I had become friends with a few kids in normal classes get the kids teasing him to shut up. I remember fondly getting into a fight because this one little prick said I was stupid or something along the lines of that, to say the least me and my friends kicked that kids ass. But the public school system pulled their head out of their behind and is now paying for classes with other kids with learning disabilities like mine, its a normal class we just learn differently, for instance in 5th grade me and the class were learning about the renisance so we painted a fresco or another example is when we were all learning about the science of sound we made instruments. That project changed my life! I ended up finding out just how good I am at building things and I won the competition and got a A+ which the teacher rarely ever hands out, and its still on display in the hall! yay !

    So to sum it all up I had a tough time , but things got better and I actualy learned something that you cant learn in school, I learned how to figure out my strengths and weaknesses and work soloely on my strengths.

    If anyone ANYONE! has any problems with his or her learning disabilities dont hesitate to message me, and we can talk about this stuff.


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    I have a learning disabilities when it came to spelling and grammar, and I also need a little bit of help when it came to schoolwork or taking test as well.

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    i have had a few scraps about people being inconsiderate arse holes, one got me suspeneded from school.....

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    I think i might have some sort of ADD because no matter how much I try to pay attention in my classes I zone out a lot, that's probably why I can never get homework done, I zone out to much, and I didn't hear everything the teacher was saying.

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