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Thread: Erotic humiliation anyone?

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    Default Erotic humiliation anyone?

    I am one of the older people here and enjoy having the opportunity to explore such a great site as this filled with such intelligent conversations. Really enjoyed the marshmallow trick!

    My ABDL interests started out when I was 10 back when they showed cartoons in front of the main features at the movie theater. That movie was a kids film called Gentle Ben and the cartoon in front of it was the Tom & Jerry favorite Baby Puss. I had a very strong reaction to it and needless to say my mom had no clue that cartoon would be more powerful to me than any other typical porn I would ever see for the rest of my life.

    For me though in the later years I could not quite pin down my sexuality since with erotic humiliation it clicked with so many different things such as an I Love Lucy show where she would get doused with stuff on a game show (I now know as the splosh or gunge fetish). My sexuality never clicked with any attractive male or female either clothed or unclothed. Instead it would only work if that person of either sex was dressed in a humiliating fashion or in that type of scene. So I have come to label myself as either an asexual or a bisexual when fetishes are involved.

    I have always been introverted and viewed my desires as a genetic gift. Given rarely that people or things in general society would distract me sexually or get my hormones raging it allowed me to focus on my studies in school and college exclusively and be the top performer without the distractions of intimate relationships. In later life it allowed me to focus on obtaining the bliss of an early retirement and not have my finances decimated by a divorce all the while being able with the advent of the Internet in my later life to search the world for fetish things and clothing to excite me including having almost anything I might dream up in a fantasy having it custom made.

    You can imagine in the pre-Internet days although I traveled to all of the major cities on both coasts for any ABDL magazines in porn shops(like there used to be on 42st St. in Manhattan) I never had to spend that much since the ABDL magazines were few and far between.That was when DPF was just starting to have small ads in those magazines. Fun for me is like the time a few years ago when I bought a paperback called the Fetish Guide to New York City and went trying to find all these various shops in Manhattan.

    My other interests are that I am a very visual person and have an extensive art collection of contemporary realism in both paintings and bronze sculptures.

    Thank you to the moderators who spent their time keeping this site going.

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    Interesting introduction bud....glad to have you here. though im not sure if there are to many sexual topics on the site right now. but im sure you might get a few peoples attentions. but i hope your here to have fun and hope you make some great friends.

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