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Thread: Abena in South West UK

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    Default Abena in South West UK

    Hi All,

    I am new here (JUst introduced myself), and am looking for somewhere around Gloucester that sells nappies. I know ASDA have the Tena range, but anyone sell Abena's??

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    Omg I'm from the same area too. No Abenas around here. You can have a road trip to Abena's UK HQ if you want to pick some up. You have to order by phone first. it's a bit of a drive though. About 1hr and half each way.

    Diapers in the area:

    Assured Mobility - Contifit range
    Lidl - I think both may still have Siempre. A steal at 10 for 2 packs.
    Some of the badham pharmacies sell tena and senset.

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    Special mobility shops might do, basically check independent pharmacies as none of the chain shops do.

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    I'm not from the UK so i have no idea, but CGH buys his Abena's from Dorset Nursing Supply. Could you not get anything from them?

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    Order from Choice I think they are the best from my experience and cheaper than Abena direct ..but the choice is yours I'm from Hereford originally =]

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    Hi There,

    Can you PM me, could do with picking your brains, for some reason I cant send messages!

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    just do a google product search for them most people go for the abena x plus in medium plus its cheaper per pack i u go for like 3

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    Someone else from Gloucester here - eek! Not many places to but nappies round here. ASDA, Lidl and Lloyds in Gloucester

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    Does anyone know anywhere local that sells plastic pants (apart from Boots)?

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    Didn't know Lloyds sold anything worth bothering with. What have you found?

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    Tena Flex Maxi at the branch in the Eastgate Shopping Centre. Trouble is they have just been moved to be right beside the pharmacists counter - very embarassing !

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