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    Good Afternoon All,

    I am a newbie to these forum things and have to say i am a tad nervous. I am a 33 yo who loves wearing nappies, with my preference being Abena Abri X + or Tena Maxi, however i havent tried many more so cant really comment on many other brands.


    Look forward to making new friends.

    Me xxx
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    welcome to the forums bud. i myself haven't tried those brands yet, but always love to try new things.

    so what are you looking for here? friends? just a chat? share your experience?

    and out of the diaper scene, which of course is why we are all here, what do you like to do for fun? what are your hobbies? work? school? whats it like where you live? I live in the mountains of Idaho and right now it is freezing.

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    Hi RedBus!
    Welcome to ADISC!

    What's your favorite type of movie?
    And would you ever want to watch a movie paddedup?
    (You wouldn't have to miss any scenes to get up and go to the toilet!)

    And you have good taste, Abena X+, and Tena Slip Maxis are awesome diapers!

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    Your name caught my eye, and I noticed your non-ABDL interests are "Transport" (taken from your profile).

    I think we should talk more about that! =D

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