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Thread: They must love us, right?

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    Default They must love us, right?

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed before, but I'm sure all of these Diaper companies, both Adult and Baby, know about all of us AB/DL's? We bring them tons of great business every year and recently there have been some mainstream documentaries on the AB/DL lifestyle. I'm sure they love us right? I mean there are millions of people that obsess over cars, jewelry, and all of the finer things in life, but we are the people that love the one thing that the rest of the world feels squeamish about, which happens to be their product. Does anyone have any proof they know about us? Any positive or negative reactions? I would love to hear anything that anyone has on this subject.

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    I very much doubt they 'love' us. If they have any opinion at all it will be merely thankful that there's yet another customer in their market.
    Let's be honest, there are actually very few *BDLs out there, and even less who will buy products regularly. Compared to the size of the market for those who need them, such as incontinent people, hospitals etc. - we are merely a piss in the ocean. With the exception of the specialist companies, we do not alter their takings at all noticeably, therefore they care little about us. And the specialist adult nappy companies (those making products purposefully for *BDLs) only exist because of us, so to say they must love us is circular reasoning.

    p.s. pun fully intended

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    I was more referring to us making their jobs just a bit more interesting. And the they must love us was supposed to be semi-sarcastic. Of course no CEO is going to walk in to his/or office and be like F*** yeah AB/DL's! But it's kind of like the Cafeteria lady getting a kick out of the one kid in the whole school whom actually LOVES the crap she serves. Know what I mean?

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    No not really. I doubt that many of the employees actually know about us. And even if they did how would that make thing more interesting or exciting for them.

    I just don't understand what you are getting at here.

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    All of the major players are selling most of their product to medical institutions and people who are actually incontinent. Moreover, any given incontinent individual is likely using more product than an AB/DL.

    I would imagine that some of the smaller resellers are aware of us as a market, and Bambino is a side venture of an existing manufacturer, but really, we don't hold a candle to diaper manufacturers' actual best customers.

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    I don't think they would get a kick out of us (the rank and file), as they'll probably be like a lot of other people who see it as "Freaky/weird/etc." while I think the higher ups are probably hoping we don't start getting into the mainstream anymore (or at least don't mention any of their brands), just due to the marketing issue.

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    Oh okay, so It was a stupid, not very well thought out thread. But Just remember that this is diaper talk. We aren't discussing Tolstoy here.

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    Actually, yes... they do love us! Doesn't anyone know that Bambino is the same company as Secure Personal Care? Same diapers, same warehouses, same website designer, same address... Here's a diaper company that created a product just for us, and they're dominating the market.

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    what money, the $2.5K I spend annually on incon products is a drop in the bucket, as I'm sure Abena will find out when I stop doing business with them soon.

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