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Thread: Big plushies

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    I've been sort of wondering why big plushies have always been hard to find on the internet. If you do find a larger plushie (like over 30"), it is always far too expensive. And then I go to the local CVS and there is a huge 36" teddy bear for $20. So my question is where do you guys find your larger stuffed animals? Is there an online store you go to or do you just look in various places for sales and such?

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    I bought a 24" Simba plushy from Toys R Us. They also had them in the Disney store. The largest I've seen is a giant bear in Toys R Us which I know a few members on here now have

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    I get my big bears from either walmart or toys r us. I also am always on the look out for new stuffed friends at
    any store I go to.

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    An obvious one is materials costs, big bears use a ton of extra materials! On top of that REALLY big stuffed animals often require internal structures to hold up under their own weight over time. My 5 goot teddbyear has some kind of foam and plastic SPINE to keep he head from crushing his body. A few I have seen have fool wooden framing

    A less obvious reason they tend to be more expensive is the company making them has difficulty selling them to stores, meaning their margins need to be larger to make manufacturing them worthwhile. They become a niche novelty, which makes them expensive. Something most people never think of is all stores have aware of total floor space when stocking. In reality giant stuffed animals aren't in most stores for the same reasons adult diapers aren't; it is an item that does not sell particularly well, doesn't make a lot of money, and takes up a ton of space in the process!

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    Big bear is big <3 cost me 30 from toys r us.

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    We got a large bear from Sainsbury's a few years back - it's about 30" tall. It's probably better to buy these from shops as they are annoying to ship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loopy View Post

    Big bear is big <3 cost me 30 from toys r us.
    they're all wearing diapers lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherbert View Post
    they're all wearing diapers lol
    Yep, and look at how happy they all seem to be - must be a connection

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    The Disney Store usually has a few selections of very large (30"+) plushies. Other than that, toy stores (actual toy stores, not big box stores) tend to have nice, but expensive, ones. Ebay is great. And I just went to Walgreens, where I was shocked by the amount of HUGE plushies for pretty good prices. They had a very large Tigger that looked pretty nice, an Eeyore, several bears, a gigantic tiger (at least 4 feet), and a few large Dora the Explorer pillow-type plushies, among others.

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