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Thread: Important read this if you want to keep your secrets safe with your computer, surfing

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    Default Important read this if you want to keep your secrets safe with your computer, surfing

    Important read this if you want to keep your secrets safe with your computer, surfing

    Okay, I know everybody likes personal privacy and once keep their secret about being in AB or DL from others however I know a lot of you say. Just clean your history after every time you use the Internet but even know you do that it's still on your computer because the computer stores invisible amount of data on the back of your hard drive but it's recoverable with just a simple program.

    Let me explain how this is done you can going Google and download a software called deleted file recovery and will give you a list of programs that will do the job with one simple click of the mouse. You don't have to be a computer technician or anything you use this stuff. It's really simple. But there is a way to combat this it's the same kind of program but it does the opposite it searches out the files and permanently delete them were no other person can never see it just wiped it from your hard drive. It's called CC cleaner which is the one I use but there's others out there. You can get but this one of the top ones people use it safe, reliable and will shred every day. You ever done on Internet activity for the former whatever that you don't want your parents or friends or family finding out if they use the same computer.

    I post this to gives you all heads up. Keep your Internet activity more safe so no one ever finds out your secret. If you share a computer with somebody so I hope this helps and if I post this in the wrong part I'm sorry I just thought this would deal with this part of the forum.

    PS this software free and here link[

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    If you are trying to hide your browsing history just using the private browsing function of the web browser would do fine. The basic browsing history is as far as most people would go looking.

    If you wanted to go as advanced as you are saying you would have to be password protecting everything, deleting history, checking if the router kept a log of visited sites...

    When I had to share a computer with my brother I installed Ubuntu onto a memory stick which stayed with me at all times, so the stick would only be in the computer when I'm on it, if it was somehow found and connected to the computer using Windows it would just be a normal USB Memory stick, and if someone did try to get on I used the private browsing on there. That seemed safe to me.

    Now I don't have to worry about that. Nobody touches my laptop. It goes wherever I go so I don't need passwords, or to delete stuff.

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    True but do ever look what hard drive see all it on it crazy like whole browser history.

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    I stay with my Ramdisk trick. Basicly I have 512mb of ram for my internet history :P When I turn off the computer the history is GONE.

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    what's nice is living with a family who doesnt know a rats ass about computers ^_^ I still use private browsing though just to be safe... and I use a Comodos DNS... and i use a proxy... This is serious business :p

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