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Thread: I don't like clothes!

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    Default I don't like clothes!

    I was curious if this was a common trend amongst AB's or if i am just my own kind of special. I apologize if this comes off as creepy or in bad taste, or if i give any mental images >.<.

    If given the choice, i would walk around in nothing but my underwear or diaper all the time. When i get home, the first thing i do is take off a majority of my clothes. I just don't like having them on. If there is a chance of someone else coming over or something, i will put on pajama pants and a very loose fitting t shirt or something. But for the most part i just prefer having nothing on when i am home alone.

    Does anyone else feel this way or am i just weird?

    (Again... apologies if this is creepy, in bad taste, or if i gave you disturbing mental pictures)

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    lol hey people like what they like, that doesn't mean you are weird, I personally like what most people would consider "kid clothes" I like kid clothes because I would like to act more like a kid. I dont get to do this often so you wont see me wearing "kid clothes" alot but when I am on my own I will wear childish clothes more often. I will wear pajamas and shirts and stuff with superhero or cartoon characters on them. It is personally what I like, in my real everyday adult life though I wear jerseys that represent my sports teams and business casual and business formal clothes when in a more busniess like atmosphere

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    I'm a little like that, I do sometimes sleep in footies. But most of the time, I sleep totally naked. That's more comfortable for me. And hey, your not harming anyone else not wearing much round the house so why not I say.

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    Personally I don't wear cloths a lot when I don't have to but then again I never really did. Whenever I go outside for yard work or to play I'm usually in just shorts or jeans even In the winter. As for when guests come over don't shoot yourself short I know plenty of people who don't give the curtesy of pants when they have guests.

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    I'm nude when when my parents aren't around. Boxer when they are around. Sweats and muscle shirt when we have company. No your not alone.

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    I have the same thing...well sort of. See when I get home the first thing I do is take off my shirt. I Can't Stand The Feeling Of Wearing A Shirt!!! I joke about it saying it's like my body is made of two people, the top half is nudist and the bottom half is normal I like to entertain myself and feel normal. That is how I deal with things. Just because you don't like to wear clothes does not mean you are weird.

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    In the summer...occasionally, but only in the sense of losing the pants. I always wear a shirt. In the winter, I'm usually clothed 100% of the time. Heck, I PREFER wearing not only a sleeper to bed, but socks too. Always have to wear socks...ALWAYS!

    (Yup, I'm an odd duck.)

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    Naah, totally normal. I hate clothes. As soon as I get home I put on pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. I often wonder what this world would be like if clothes didn't exist...

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    you are not alone.. in the privacy of my own home, when the weather is warm, yeah, I'm stripped to nothing but a diaper.. funny thing is, I rarely wear anything at night (I usually have enough warning and can generally make it to the john in time). Winter, when my leaky house yields to very high fuel bills, i'm usually found in a footie (thermostat kept low) but, I hate clothes. in the summer, often, i'm running around my yard in a pair of shortalls and a diaper only.

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    Isn't this funny how many of us don't like clothes. I'm okay with cotton and soft comfortable material, buta stiff shirt under my arms makse me so nervous that I could puke....actually get sick. I have to dress up for church on Sunday, but other than that, it's cotton blend pants and soft, knit shirts. Once home, I'm more comfortable in old jeans and flannel. I've always been like that.

    In the summer it's shorts and a plain t-shirt. Given my choice for sleep, it's a night shirt and a diaper, unless I'm in my onsie, or footed jammies in the winter.

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