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Thread: Adult Pull-ups

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    Okay people im new to these chatroomws and forums,

    What would you say about an adult baby pull up. Dont get me wrong I love diapers but they are sometimes hard to get on yourself. I know many people may like pull ups better.

    As far as i know you can not buy Ab pull ups anywhere. If you know of a place that does sell them could you please message me. [removed]

    I may have a person willing to start making AB pull ups if he sees a profit to be made in them. Would you buy them and if you would how would you want them to be.
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    I would totally buy them. I was always jealous that I was potty trained a few years before Pull-Ups came out.

    I would love them to look like the early incarnations of the Huggies Pull-Ups, either with the generic designs or even the Mickey/Minnie ones.

    However, like you, I have yet to find any cute pull-up style padding.

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    if i can get enpough people to tell me they would buy them the guy i know would try to get them made and marketed

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    There are none that I know of. I would love a good adult "babyish" pullup and would be one of the biggest customers of such a product. Unfortunately, such a product doesn't exist at this time, as far as I know. The Abena pullup is a good incontinence product with decent capacity, but there is nothing "AB" about it, it's just a good absorbent pull-on product. Side note: If you like frilliness, the Abena pullup feels frilly due to the way it's cut.

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    Yes, but I would want them to have a waterproof backing that can be machine-washed and dried. PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric) would do the trick. There already are cloth adult pull-ups, even AB-specific ones, but they tend to be all-cloth, which means that separate plastic pants are advisable.

    EDIT: unless, of course, you mean disposable pull-ups, in which case: YES!!! Really, just an up-sized version of Goodnites or Huggies Pull-Ups would be great, along with thicker padding and more coverage. Standing leak guards would be a necessity, which is something that adult disposable pull-ups tend to lack. Also, sides that are snug (like Goodnites & Pull-Ups) rather than the puffy granny-panty sides of Depends or Abena pull-ups.

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    If I can get enough people to want this my would see it as a buisness oppurtinuty. What type of matereials would you want, and what kind of designs?

    Do you know if I could get pampers to make them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleBoy52 View Post
    Do you know if I could get pampers to make them?
    That, I'm afraid, is highly unlikely. I believe both Pampers and Depends are owned by Kimberly-Clark, and they've already made it clear what route they're taking with the adult Depends pull-ups (discreet, underwear-like). There is no way a major corporation would cater a product to AB/DLs. Any venture like this would have to be something small-scale for a niche market, similar to what Bambino did (which seems to be just modifying the art on an already-available adult diaper, the Secure X-Plus).

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    I remember a while ago when I was in my early teens I signed a petition for Pampers to make a teen-sized diaper on another forum. I'm pretty sure we were all expecting just a pampers size 12 or whatever that was the same look, feel, and design of a baby diaper except bigger and Pampers was actually listening to us for a minute because there were like thousands and thousands of signatures from all over the web. They came out with the UnderJam not too long after that, but i'm sure that was only to rival the success of the Huggies Goodnites, not to please an army of rallying AB/DLs. The timing was just a coincidence.

    I can't promise I would order them, because of my current living situation, but I would love a product like that. A very babyish, printed disposable Pull-up would be very fun. When Depends first came out with the Pull-ups with the side booster tapes, little outlines of shooting stars would show up when it was wet.. since then it was discontinued, but I swear it was to acknowledge us.

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    If it had good absorbancy, and leak guards, I would buy so many of them!!!!!!! I WOUlD LOVE adult disposable pullups.

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    So you think we would need a diaper making machine? I dont know much about diapers, just recently i told my parents, so i dont know what leak gaurds are. We dwould try to make them as absoarbent as possible, i hate when the depends overflow.

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