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Thread: Question About Tena Adult Diapers

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    Question Question About Tena Adult Diapers

    I have been a store brand/Depends diaper wearer since I was about thirteen-fourteen. In my beach town every summer I could ride my bike to the rite aid with an empty back pack and buy them. Of course before that was which baby diaper I could sneak from where ever and how good of a make-shift I could conjure up.

    It was about last year when I really got a craving to try some of these amazing diapers we hear about and see all over the internet. Because of my area I obviously have always been limited to just Depends and Store brands that have changed over and over again through the years, so I took a road trip out of state and finally got my hands on some Attends. I loved them, but my only thought they were not the kind of diaper you could wear discreetly.. not that that really matters to me. But since then my experimentation has still been dying to branch out. Internet orders are really out of the question. At 22, I would hope to have been moved out of the my parent's house, but unfortunately that isn't so. But I found an alternative. I went into the next town over and did a special order through a pharmacy and at random picked the Tena Ultra diapers. I was so stoked, but when they came they were the cloth backed version. While they are EXCELLENT diapers that I can wear discreetly if I were to wear them outside of my cave, I was disappointed to have gone through the trouble for another cloth-backed diaper.

    Then I began to research. (sorry for the back story, I just thought I would explain how I got to this and why internet ordering is n/a) I've seen plastic backed Tena diapers before on models and in pictures, but can't seem to find any online to go back in and re-order.

    Does any one know which specific line of Tena diapers are plastic backed? I thought I give them one more chance before I moved onto the other brands. I think Tranquility will be my next move before figuring out how to get the Abenas, Molicares, Dry 24/7, Bambinos, and the other ABU specialties.


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    I believe these are what you're looking for?
    They're the European Tenas , hard to come by here and when you do find them, better get your wallet out cuz they won't be cheap.
    *I'm not endorsing the site I provided the link to, as I have no experience with them.
    The diapers themselves tho are pretty good IMO. Wish they were easier / cheaper to get ahold of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WangChi View Post
    <snip!>...internet ordering is n/a)
    Oh now I see, lol sorry's the best I could do

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    Thanks so much! While yes, I can't order them, at least you solved the mystery. One day when I finally move out (hopefully sooner rather than later), I will get my hands on some of them.


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    All US Tena diapers are cloth backed and the Tena Slip Maxi in Europe are the only ones that are plastic. As far as the link for Ace Cool Medical goes I don't think he sells them any more. About a year ago I tried to contact him through his site and here on ADISC about buying some but never heard back.

    If you want to try them there is a guy on eBay that sells them. If you search "Tena Slip" they will pop up and he sells the thicker Maxi and I think the Super (or is it Extra?) too. The thicker one is the Maxi and it's a lavender (purple) color. He sells two at a time and ships USPS in an envelope so they are much easier to hide from family than a whole pack. His eBay seller ID is Jeremyirissarri and I bought from him to try out but it's too expensive to buy them two at a time.

    When you move out you can find them online, it's not easy but choices exist. You can get them from Save Express in Germany or you can go on eBay UK to find them. I search for places that have eBay stores then sort by shipping to find places that ship internationally. If you find more than one place you can email them for a shipping quote. I always factor in the cost of shipping to calculate the cost per diaper. I have gotten them for under $2.00 a diaper and I think they're worth it.

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