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Thread: Diaper Chart

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    Default Diaper Chart

    From Abenas,How High

    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    Has anyone made a chart to show wing widths, diaper length, weight, etc, of the common diapers?
    I really like this idea, and would like to put one together. Obviously, nobody has enough varieties of diapers to put it all together themselves though. I got to thinking though, we've got a lot of people all with different diapers here, and if they measured and reported what they have, we could put together a pretty comprehensive chart to help people in deciding what they want.

    In interest of developing one, I've made a google form for people to report the stats of various diapers. Once it has a few replies, I'll put together a chart, maybe put it in the wiki.

    Here's the link to the form

    Here's some crummy pictures of how they should be measured to standardize the measurements. Weight is not required, but would be helpful.

    Length (Diaper should be stretched out, laid flat, measured across middle of length)

    Width (Diaper should be laid flat, measured across the top tape)


    Any responses would be super helpful

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    love this idea! I wanted to do a spreadsheet when I had a few different brands- but my padding vanished too quickly! I'll be able to add molicare super and super plus tonight

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    Also, what diaper did you measure? Looks like Walgreens or CVS

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    Thanks for the help.

    And it's a Wallgreens certainty.

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    I like the initiative I already sort of got started too. take a look here:

    I'll see if I can fill in the weights and costs here in a bit but it's complete with what I have well on hand to get information from.

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    This just for the adult diapers or do you want some of the bigger baby diapers also?

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    things are having to get a bit stretched as it is, due to different sizes of adult diapers. I think it would be better to have a separate one for baby diapers.

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    Have a look at the diaper-tests section at XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies. They have measurements and liquid capacities of a number of well-known brands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inconinmiss View Post
    Have a look at the diaper-tests section at XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies. They have measurements and liquid capacities of a number of well-known brands.
    I agree that we should take some information from that chart like the wet weight and such info.
    I will add dry 24/7s to the main chart

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    Whoa! I don't like abenas but thumb way up for the contribution!

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    I recall a similar idea was floated a while back, but in reference to packing. So width, length, thickness etc. I could try and drag the thread up as it had a limited response but some data in there.

    The main problem I recall was that with the removal of the wiki, we no longer have a place where stuff can be continually edited or added to. The only thing coming close would be a sticky thread with a table (not even possible I don't think) that only a few people could edit. The other issue raised was that of getting everyone to measure things uniformly.
    Someone has already posted the link to XPmedical's tests which are far more rigorous and informative than anything we're likely to get here.

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