Business trip - and loneliness

Today I am on a business trip again, traveling from one large city to another, in order to visit an unhappy customer. Naturally I take advantage of this trip to wear diapers and knit tights. Here is what I am wearing today:

Abena M4 with plastic pants over it
a pair of dark brown wool tights
a black long sleeve velvet bodysuit (snaps in the crotch)
a dark grey sleeveless sweater
a pair of black cropped pants (Beispiel:
a pair of tall black rainboots (Hunter)

I am here at the airport, wrapped in my cocoon of warm and cozy clothes. In my carry-on bag I may very well have a dress shirt and business suit, but beyond that I have nothing with me but diapers, and my "special clothing": instead of underwear I have diapers (AbriFlex), instead of socks I have knit tights (cotton for business meetings), instead of T-shirts to wear under my dress shirts I have bodysuit, instead of pyjamas I have a footed fleece sleeper with hood (Privatina), and finally my exercise clothes: a leotard and leggings.

Well, and this is all nice and good: I enjoyed the feeling of being watched while I expose my wool tights when taking off my boots at the security checkpoint, I love knowing that my wool tights are visible under my cropped pants, I love letting my pants ride up to expose my stockinged knees, I love the look and feel of my arms encased in black velvet, I most definitively enjoyed relaxing my bladder and emptying it into the my diaper when standing in line at security, and I am looking forward to keeping it relaxed and empty for the rest of my trip. I am also looking forward to sleeping in a diaper and my sleeper, to exercise in diaper, leotard and leggings, and to visit my customer tomorrow while wearing diaper, tights and a bodysuit (under my business suit, obviously).
But there's something missing: a person to share my adventures with. Someone that can relate to my experience, someone that understands the tension between my public appearance (business suit) and the diaper I am wearing underneath.

How do you other diaper and tights wearers cope with that? Who do you have to share your needs and experiences with?