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Thread: What about cloth?

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    Default What about cloth?

    I noticed that most people here are into disposables, but does anyone use cloth?

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    There are a few devotees of cloth on here, myself being one of them. Cottontail is a recent addition to the cloth family, and there are a few others that should pop to mind a bit more quickly than they are. What's up?

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    Disposables are ok every once in a while, but cloth is so much nicer. I get more of a baby feel out of cloth. I suspect there might be more clothies around if so many *Bdls didn't have to hide their activities. It's a bit harder to hide cloth diapers, since they have to be washed and can't just be snuck into the trash.

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    I'm currently on the disposable side but plan on trying cloth when I get the chance

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    I wear fitted cloth nappies/diapers at night which have terry towelling inserts which are hourglass shaped. You just add as many as you want depending on the absorbancy you want, i myself find that 3/4 will suffice during the night, the outer covers can be washed together with the inserts but you need enough to keep you going for a day or two. I only have two covers so it can be a bit of a struggle at times making sure i have one dry nappy/diaper to wear whilst the other one is in the wash.I do wear disposables during the day

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    Like in my youth, flat cloth and smooth translucent plastic pants. What else is there?

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    I like all kind of diapers.
    I have a few cloth diapers. I like the prefold with a snappie and a plastic pant. It's the most absorbant diaper I ever tried. But the downside is, their use is limited to home or night use. It's too bulky. And when I do use them, I have to commit to using enough off them so I can make a worty cleaning load. (I hate to waist energy washing only 1 diaper).

    I have pocket diapers, but I find that they leak too fast for my taste.

    I even sewed my own. Results may vary. (O:

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    I use disposables during the day for the convenience of changing as needed at work, but my overnight diaper right now is prefold cloth with pants from Babykins.I use an infant cloth diaper folded in thirds as a soaker inside the adult diaper, and I use a Snappi to hold the diaper in place. I tried the Snappi and have rapidly found that it keeps the diaper snug and in place, especially through the night as things get soaked, doubt I'll use pins again.

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    I like to mix it up a bit. I mainly use disposables because they are easy and convenient but I also love cloth. It's kind of funny because they are sort of two different sides to me. My AB side loves cloth and my DL side loves plastic backed disposables.

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    Sure. I use cloth mostly at night, but also on the weekends. I moved completely to cloth on two occasions in the past, but came back to disposables for daytime use. There are pros and cons to both. Cloth diapers and plastic pants come in so many varieties that it has taken me sometime to dial in a combination that works. I have a pretty good combo now, Babykins and Changing Times cloth diapers with Gary no-wick plastic pants.

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