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    Question Buying advice

    My first proper thread *scared*, if it's in the wrong place feel free to move it

    So I'm looking to buy some diapers online to be shipped to the UK and I've no idea what brand I should get. I would like a very thick and absorbent one big enough to make me waddle, I will only be wearing it at home so concealing it under clothes isn't important for me.

    Secondly I'm also looking for some cute clothes to wear but the only immediate search results all look poor. I found this: and it's perfect but 120 Euros seems a bit much, are there many alternatives that are more affordable or is my only option to save up?

    Any and all feedback is massively appreciated :3

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    Welcome! I see the first question is on the right topic, so I'm sure this forum's fine.

    Q1: Don't have an answer yet, beyond store-bought DryNites

    Q2: Try this place: Cosy n Dry - Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More or here: Cuddlz ABDL Adult Nappy Diaper Store - they're both UK based, so not much shipping.

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