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Thread: Whats everyone doing for xmas

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    Default Whats everyone doing for xmas

    Whats everyone doing for Christmas

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    Staying home alone, wearing an M-4 and going on with life. It's just a day off work as it falls on the weekend an unpaid one at that.

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    Taking a nice 3 week vacation from work!

    Beyond that and the usual family stuff.. nothing too exciting planned.

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    We're having family come to our house, and we will go to our daughter's to celebrate Christmas with the grandsons. We always have a good time. My one son and I will make our pilgrimage to Best Buys, and we'll go out walking.

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    Spending it with the in-laws. Before you send me your sympathies, know that I prefer their company to my own family. Plus, they live just about fifteen minutes from the house. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustSomeDude View Post
    Looking for a job.
    Wow That sucks. glad I don't have to do that!

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    I'm spending Christmas Eve with my grandmom and uncle and Christmas with my mom and her husband. They're going to be two awesome dinners. I just hope they don't play that god awful A chrismtas Story on tbs again for 24 hours. Who needs 24 hours of that movie? Jeez

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    We get two weeks out of school so on christmas I'll be spending cooking with mum and playing outside with which ever siblings chose to grace us with their presence this year. so far we lost all of our snow but the pound is froze so ice skating!

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