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Thread: My Fursona

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    Default My Fursona

    Well I just recently started getting into the whole furry fandom. Then - I went through a fursona facelift. Finally figuring out what my fursona is, which is a pink monkey. ^.^ Cute, cuddleh, and irresistible. I'm posting because Shupie (She's a member here) was kind enough to do another piece of artwork for me, and, well, just look!

    It be too cute, I aboslutely adore it. Aren't I adorable? ^.^

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    Well it is a really cute picture...You know, sometimes I think I could be a furry...And no, it wouldn't be a cow...Maybe a cat >.>

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    Oh nooo, you really did make a thread. *Slumps under blanket* Mandddiii.

    Hahahaha...glad you like it though.. xD

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    Very nice artwork, Shupie. You've got quite a talent there.


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    Shupie, that is an amazing job you did there!!

    Mandi, you are so cute!!

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    That picture is well kool, i wish i could draw as good as that.

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