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    just a little somethink

    I was listing products today at work , and i normaly write abriviations so for Aunt Bessies Parsnips i wrote , AB- Par the first bit made me smirk.

    Anyone else had anythink simmilar ?

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    In maths we were doing trig and had to find the length of line AB, other than that, no.

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    District leader, DL,

    In Engineering it comes up all of the time, if you have two points A and B(which generally are used), and you make a vector of some form, it can appear in different ways, one being Fab

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    Length of AB i have herd before.Not District leader tho Tyger , sorry

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    License type. DL <--- you find that on drivers licenses.

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    I have had the length AB one and I have a friend whose last two names are AB and people call him Charlie AB.

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    Oh, also, both my dad and my sister's initials are AB.

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    "AB" is the answer on a lot of scantron tests...

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    what about dl = direct line is a Car insurance and home insurance

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