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Thread: Old time member, starting anew.

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    Default Old time member, starting anew.

    Hello everyone!
    I'm Brendan, but you MAY know me better as Mitsukuni. I've actually been around the forums since about 2008! I left for a long time. A really long time. A lot of things happened since I left ADISC about a year and a half ago.
    At first, I started to have a major binge on indulging into TBDL activities. Mostly due to bouncing from place to place to live for some time, and due to a complete shortage in money to buy 'supplies'. A few months after I moved into a permanent home, I found myself still not interested into the activities. I was going through a lot of emotional times during then because of a lot of things. My OCD was also peaked, since I quit cold-turkey off my medication. I wanted to do something I had control over, and be a rebel. You know what I mean. I couldn't stand the thought of anything dirty, so there went the diapers for a while more. I eventually got ahold of that situation and continued my medication and started therapy.
    Just before I could begin taking part in my TBDLism, I was hit by a car while walking back in September 2010. I had to drop out of the nursing-school program I was in, and missed about a month of regular highschool. To this day I still have nerve damage and issues with my neck/back. I'm just starting to take part in physical therapy now that we have the funds.
    What else could go wrong? Exactly a month after I was hit, so was my cat. I grieved with my loss, and missed another week of school. I just wanted to curl up and forget everything that's been happening in my life.
    Two weeks after all of that, my mom passed away on November 11th, 2010. I was stricken with the news like a thousand tons of bricks. You see, I had very mixed feelings about my mother. She was an abusive alcoholic for a majority of my life. She had done me many wrongs through my life, but her death was a tragedy. I wouldn't ever have wished for that, I don't believe in revenge. I dropped from school for another two months before I made my way back. I lived as a ghost for some time. But, over the last year I have made the best of it and tried to stay optimistic.
    Last March I came out of the closet as a transgender. A homosexual male. My family has been supportive, but having a difficult time with the transition. I don't blame them; even if they saw it coming in any way, it's hard to change to someone that they've known for their whole life. It's all about baby steps (no pun intended hehe)
    So, what has gotten me to come to this comeback? I have decided to get as much into my interests as possible. Even ones I've ignored for a long time. This is something that is still big for me. Being a TB helps me cope. It's also way fun and can't wait to get back into!! Role-playing is my favourite. TBDL and Non-TBDL all the way!
    I'd also like to make it as out there as possible as to why I made a new account. I want to start fresh with this again. I will admit; I made some immature and stupid choices on my last account (Not ban-worthy, but still). As well as my transgenderism, I would love to make it easy for everyone new and old to know that I'm a boy. I want to I'm asking for a chance for a new, mature me to get back into this. If there's any problems, Mods, I would love to talk to you guys about it. I'm very negotiable.

    I'm up for answering any questions you all have! Thank you for taking time to read this rambling/explanation!

    Hugs, Brendan. <3

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    You won't last long here as PurplePanda because you already have an account. If you deleted it, you're screwed because they don't welcome anyone back after they have deleted their account.

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