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    Default No idea

    I was wondering what kind of diaper people would suggest for a "first time" wearer like myself.

    Remember, I'm stuck to my local pharmacy (Bartell's) and im too nervous to order online. I don't particularly have alot of money to use either. Any help for a TB?

    (new to this site, dont kill me if this is in the wrong section)

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    Just take anything you can get, if your on the small side go for some goodnights, or I hate to say it Depends, most drug stores carry those, there junk but they have them.

    Or you can hit walmart, and buy some assurance.

    Good luck look at some threads concerning first time buyers, they may be helpful.

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    /\ exactly. if thats all you got take it.
    || -not literally of coarse.

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    Most stores carry, at least, Goodnites and Depends. They relatively inexpensive, so you'll have luck with those brands. However, just don't expect the quality to be the best.

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    GoodNites were my first diapey way, way back when I was 14. They were uber cool then, and are even better now. For you however, I would recommend UnderJams, (if you can find them).

    After you try either/both of those, I suggest Depends, just be careful when you're picking them out that you get the plastic backed kind.

    ^_^ good luck

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    Depends are not a bad option if you have access to limited resources. I've tried the type with the three tapes on each side and plastic backing and they were fine. They aren't the best, but for the price they certainly aren't bad. As for Goodnites, I have found them a little confining and not very absorbent (that's coming from a skinny guy), so I personally did not like them much. If you can find Tena stuff, it is generally quite good too.

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    Thanks for all the input ^^

    Ill try depends (almost the only brand there) and if i get a bad experience, ill try for something else if i build up enough courage to stay in that isle longer then 3 seconds....

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    Depends aren't to bad in my opinion and the price and availability makes them good for beginners. Tena is better but not as common. If you get Depends the kind with tapes on each side are the best and are like a real diaper. I've found goodnights to be not very good except for the more childish look I wouldn't suggest them if you're actually planning on using your diapers

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    Buying diapers is strange the first couple times, but then you just get used to it.

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    I'm not sure if it works in the USA, but you could say to your local pharmacy that you have wetting problems, and that depends/the other crap don't work. Maybe they can order some other brands for you.

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