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    So... who saw the Christmas episode this week? I can now cross "Alison Brie baby talks" off my life list!

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    I have never watched that show but I heard it is good. What's it about? and is it on Netflix?

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    I presume it's on Netflix. It's about a motley group of community college students who form an unlikely friendship. I know that sounds kinda lame, but the writing is absolutely fantastic. There are also a lot of avante garde episodes that try things I've never seen before- one recent episode involves a character rolling a dice and another warning him he'll create 6 different universes as a result. They then go through all 6 different storylines playing out differently.

    If you want to know whether or not you like it in one episode, look up Season 1 Ep 23 (Modern Warfare) or Season 2 Ep 14 (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons).

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    That sounds pretty good Ill watch out for it on tv and look it up on the Netflix, Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wazzle View Post
    That sounds pretty good Ill watch out for it on tv and look it up on the Netflix, Thanks
    It's part of the Thursday night lineup (with The Office, et al). They new episodes are fantastic, but watch some from season one. There are a lot of new episodes that get so avante garde in style you'll be lost without previously knowing the characters' quirks.

    Also, in all NBC's ounces of wisdom, the show's going on "extended hiatus" after the holiday break. Hopefully this is temporary (as it was with 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation), but I wouldn't put it past them to cancel a show that won a friggin Emmy. In any case, it won't be on television past the next few weeks, until NBC gets around to airing the rest of Season 3.

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    Sounds quite good but id probley stick to watching misfits :P that might be a last resort thing if i cant wait for the next misfits episode

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    I loved that part I think I re-watched it like 10 times

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