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Thread: Waking up wet during the night

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    Default Waking up wet during the night

    I often wake up in the middle of the night and find i have wet my diaper/nappy. I never get up to change myself and just roll over and go back to sleep. I was wondering if this is what everyone else does, or if people change themselves every time they wet?

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    I to just toss and turn, then go back to sleep. even if I soak myself, I will just sleep on and change in the morning unless I am swimming, lol

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    I wear diapers so I can deal with wetting when it's convenient. I go back to sleep and change in the morning.

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    I'm normally half awake at till about 2am (Insomnia) so i normally change myself. But depends on my strength though it can take a lot of effort/energy to change so i often have wait till the morning when my helpers arrive.

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    My secret for a good nites sleep is just to roll over and leave it wet till your morning change out.

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    I will only get up and change if my diaper is so wet any more will make it leak, or if I still need to "go" and can make it to the toilet. That's the theory but sometimes I just think "hang it" and go back to sleep. It usually works out OK and a bed pad takes care of any seepage.

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    I always have a bedpad underneath me, so I always tend to just go back to sleep no matter how wet I am- however if I've awoken and had a large/loose bowel movement previously whilst asleep I'll change myself.

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    I wear a high-capacity diaper so that I don't have to get up and change.

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    reguardless of how much fluids i still at a point where if i have to go...i wake up. which usually if i wake up it means i really have to go, and there for i just use the toilet because there will be so much it will flood, and its not a fun mess to clean up for me since im a heavy coffee drinker.

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    By wearing a thick diaper with padding and extenders you can get a better nite's sleep is my approach.
    also it helps to wear plastic pants so the bedding does not have to be changed. If the diaper is not soaked in the morning you can still wear it which is an added bonus.

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