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    Iím an technician in the electronic field. My interest in diapers began in my teens, and I used to hang out at that ďotherĒ site that has since been taken down, so I came here. I enjoy movies, TV nostalgia, and music.

    My major in college was actually music, so Iím hoping to get back that soon in the form of some kind of hobby. I also enjoy fixing my car or any other thing that happens to break down. Iím fascinated by alternate forms of energy with respect to the idea of saving money.

    Iím really hoping this site can offer some support for my lifestyle so I donít feel so isolated and weird about it. I think that's really what everyone wants, to just feel accepted.

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    Hi Tim --
    Welcome! I was impressed to see alternative energies listed as an interest of yours. I'm quite passionate about renewable energy, and a bit of a documentary junkie... I can't wait to see "Revenge of the Electric Car" which just came out. Perhaps you've seen the first doc, titled "Who Killed the Electric Car"?

    What instruments do you play? I've always admired musicians, for their discipline and creativity. I used to play the clarinet in middle school, with the intention of moving up to sax--but I wasn't any good and never really pursued it with much vigor. Instead, I put learning to play the harmonica on my bucket list.

    This site seems like it should offer the kind of support you're looking for. I'm new too, but overall people seem happy with the community that exists here. Discussions are thoughtful, people are friendly and the mods are watchful. You sound like you'll fit right in.


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    Hi, Tim23! Welcome aboard. Good to have another electronics geek around. That was a part of my job until I transitioned to an all-software role at the same company a few months back. But I'm still wayyyy into it on the hobby side!

    That's cool about the music major. What was your particular emphasis? I was a band geek all through HS and well into college (concert as well as marching band), so while I wasn't a music major myself, I was hanging out with an awful lot of 'em! I was also a wedding musician until fairly recently (most a for-fun thing, though it did pay). And, like you, I've been thinking about trying to resurrect my musical side.

    If I ever design my own home from scratch, I can see myself going crazy with the renewable energy thing. I wouldn't expect to recover my investment for quite a while, though!

    Again, welcome! I hope to hear more from you around the forums.

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    First off, thank you very much for your reply!

    Yes, I did hear about that movie "Who Killed The Electric Car?". I have to see it soon. I used to play the French Horn in school and college, but I don't anymore. I had basic piano training in college, so I plan on buying a good electronic Piano Keyboard. Strange, but that was what I loved doing most, and I haven't done it in years.

    I would love to experiment with alternate forms of energy in my spare time, but right now I just want to get through the holidays. So much to do, but little time to do it. I also struggle with procrastination, which just makes things worse. Oh well, have to keep a positive attitude.


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    Hey Cottontail:

    Thanks for the welcome. I would love to just be a software engineer, but there aren't enough of those jobs around, and I plan on retiring in about 11 years.

    The truth about college is that back then, I didn't know what the hell I was doing! I don't think there was any particular emphasis; I just played the french horn so I majored in music.
    I really believe I missed my calling sometimes, but sometimes in life, things go wrong. Not to mention all the personal problems I had (more about that later, perhaps).

    Anyway, I'm glad I found this site.

    PS: Hey, my nephew just moved to WA!

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