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Thread: Hey! Hoping to get a better understanding :)

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    Default Hey! Hoping to get a better understanding :)

    Hi guys,

    I'm a broadcast journalism student and have recently found out about the AB and DL fetishes (sorry not sure you'd even call it as that or rather an interest- I'm new!). I find it really interesting and would love to write an article for uni on it. I joined this forum to try and gain a better understanding and get people's views. I was wondering if anyone (over 18) wouldn't mind sharing their story on how you got into it, what kind of things you do as a AB/DL, how it affects your everyday life (like with work/partners/parents) and at what age you acquired an interest?

    Just to reassure you, I would respect your anonymity. Any info would really be much appreciated.

    Nice to meet you all

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    Hey does it have to be over 18? Cuz Ive got a pretty interesting story

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    Nice to see someone taking intreat and wanting to understand.
    I am 21, and female. I have had AB desires for as long as I could remember, but didn't know they meant anything. I had a bit of a rough childhood, and had to grow up quickly; I think this contributed to me being an AB, sorta trying to give myself the childhood I didn't have. I wear diapers every couple of days, have a few footed sleepers, have a few pacifiers, and sometimes drink from a bottle. Being an AB does not really have an affect on my daily life. I am a college graduate just starting my career; I lead a functional adult life along with my little life.

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    I wouldn't mind sharing my story (can't at the moment, kind of restricted). Also, its one thing to get our stories and thoughts third hand, but its a completely different emotional sensation to go and by them on your own. Would you consider buying a pack of diapers to get a better idea of us?

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    As a transgendered girl I didn't get to have the childhood that I wanted, I missed out on a lot. Being able to dress, act and be treated as a young girl fills a big void in my life for me, it makes me feel amazing. I also had a rough childhood, most of my early memories that involve my parents are of them arguing, shouting or other things that at the time would have caused me distress. Through age regression I can feel like not only a young girl but a young girl that is cared for and protected. I feel safe, relaxed and stress-less when I'm diapered with my favourite cuddlies and my dummy. The world becomes a suddenly happy place to live in.
    As for life outside of being an adult baby, I'm a well respected gamer in the tournament scene playing on a top sponsored team. Gaming aside I am unemployed and finding it hard to approach work due to severe confidence, depression and social anxiety issues.

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    Not to be cynical or anything, but why this particular subject/fetish over any others? What is it about dl's/ab's that interest you in particular and how do you envision portraying them in your publication or media outlet? Having some experience in the PR/Communications field, it's important people that we consider these types of questions before volunteering to be interviewed or sharing your story. While there are many well-intentioned reporters out there, there are plenty of others looking to sensationalize something that shouldn't be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaize View Post
    I'm a broadcast journalism student

    I was wondering if anyone (over 18) wouldn't mind sharing their story on how you got into it

    Well, I'm a 34 year old male from the southern US and wouldn't mind sharing my story, however it would be under a false premise.

    You see much as we would like to, none of us really understand how we got here. There is a great deal of speculation on the issue and some have drawn conclusions from it. The fact remains that there is no hard evidence as to how we got started. I even hesitate apply the term fetish as many of us can remember compulsions to continue wearing diapers well before puberty. I, for instance, trace it back to roughly six years old. I suppose you will need to talk to many here and develop your own opinions. I just hope they are not derived from a typical sensationalist attitude from those of the media who latch onto anything out of the mainstream and seek to demonize it to sell mercenary fashion.

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    I have to admit, I'm extremely uncomfortable with the fact that you're here to dig up a story... BUT, because I was once a journalism student, I am willing to grant you the benefit of assuming you have more ethics than some of the already-established pundits. After all, some real jerks--like Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck--consider themselves broadcast "journalists" and I would be very cautious of giving them any information about my personal life.

    Your first (and only thread so far) is asking the members of this community to respond to very personal questions. From what I have observed, the mods of this site typically like to see you write an introduction about yourself. Until we know a few particulars about the size and scope of your publication, your educational background and what other sources you have found for your research, it may be difficult for others to trust you. Over the past two years especially, we've seen some pretty hateful and slanted op-ed pieces appear in the media and our community will not tolerate efforts to make fools of us.

    That being said, I have a few questions for you:

    First, what type of media are you working with? Broadcast journalism can mean anything from a television documentary to a short radio segment... we should know how much air-time is being dedicated to this project, as you are delving into a rather complex topic.

    What are your career goals with respect to your chosen medium? Are you--as I was--burning with a desire to make an impact on this crazy world? How do you plan on making that happen? Who is a journalist you admire and respect?

    If this is for a school project, please explain how this assignment is helping you to advance your education. What is it about this subject matter that appeals to you?

    What other sources of information have you found?

    Once we know a bit more about you, there might be enough trust for people to really open up--myself included.

    Looking forward to your answers,
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    Quote Originally Posted by youngbear9 View Post
    Hey does it have to be over 18? Cuz Ive got a pretty interesting story
    Hey, yes you would have to be over 18, that was one of the conditions of me being able to post this thread. Thanks for the reply though!

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    I posted a story about it a while ago, you can find it here

    ---------- Post added at 12:11 ---------- Previous post was at 12:11 ----------

    Can I ask you how you got to this subject?

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