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Thread: Advice Please

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    Default Advice Please

    Since i am almost out of diapers, and i am not willing to walk into a CVS in the middle of a mall practically on campus, i am planning on ordering some diapers online.

    Basic info

    • I live in the dorms so i have to pick up the package at the front desk
    • being in college i don't want to spend a fortune on diapers
    • i have limited space to keep them

    as of now i am planing on ordering from NorthShore. I was thinking of getting either the select briefs, tranquility, or attends and maybe some pull-up style diapers for out and about. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    What exactly do you want advice on? You made a bunch of statements, but asked no questions.

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    Just things like, if you have any experience with this company or suggestions for a different site or brand.

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    Well first thing make sure whoever you order off has discret shipping if it going to a dorm mailroom, you don't want to anounce to the world you buying diapers by the case.

    Some places will sell by the pack so you won't have to buy a case, but the shipping will probably be the same, for one or two packs, if it's not included in the price.

    I think you would be better off buying by the pack localy, the quality is not going to be there,but you don't need to buy as many for hideing purposes.

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    This place sells them by the pack as well and they say they ship in discrete brown boxes. Hiding them is not a problem once they are in my room, i just don't want to walk through the halls with a box that has a pic of a diaper on it or anything.

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    Do you stay in a single dorm? Or a double? Or what? (amount of people living there)
    If single, then hiding should be no problem! If double.... Hmm.... I think there was a recent thread about hiding diapers around roommates.

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    I would go with the Attends. They're a thinner diaper which means they are very discreet to wear and are easier to hide than the bulky ones... but they still hold a respectable amount... much more than something like the CVS brand or Depend.

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    its a single. no problem there. im just worried about the people at the front desk mostly.

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    People at the front desk aren't going to say anything about you getting a box in... they handle that stuff all the time.

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    Thanks for the advice, finally i am actually going to get some good diapers

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